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Here is the code for a JSpinnerModel that handles Date objects in simple format (e.g. ‘dd/MM/yyyy’). It extends a SpinnerDateModel so most of the code is based on that class. This class assumes that values are separated by a slash

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Installing Oracle Application Server 10g on Windows Server 2003 SP2

If you try to install the Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) on a Windows Server 2003 SP2, you may encounter an error when the installer tries to configure the OC4J instances with the following: Deploying application ‘ADFBCManager’ to OC4J instance

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Duplicate Oracle Constraints

If you have ever used the Oracle import utility, your database has system generated constraint names (ex: SYS_C00641321), and you did not specify CONSTRAINTS=N during the import then chances are you have duplicate constraints for pretty much every constraint except

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Password Case Sensitivity in Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g now sets the password case sensitivity setting to TRUE by default. If you are running any application that connects to an earlier version of an Oracle database, chances are you are sending the connect string in all caps

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Running an Oracle Forms Applet on Windows 7

I was trying to run my application built in Oracle Forms and Reports on a new laptop with Windows 7. However, when running the Java forms applet, the applet’s graphics stayed frozen and I was not able to see my

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SQL: Exists Condition

The SQL EXISTS condition is a boolean function that returns true if the condition is met. The syntax is pretty simple: SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE EXISTS(subquery); Alternatively, you can use NOT EXISTS(subquery). An example of the function is the

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How to Modify Swap Size – Ubuntu 10.04

When installing Ubuntu, I was never asked about the desired size for my swap size. Oracle recommends to use at least 2GB of memory in order to create a database, let alone run it. With help from this excellent post

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